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RS Clubman Licence

Your first step into Motorsport

All competitors (and some passengers) need to hold a new RS Clubman licence as a minimum from 2020, in order to compete in a Motorsport UK permitted event. This licence is free of charge, entitles you to Motorsport UK’s comprehensive member benefits package, and will allow you to compete in following events run on a Motorsport UK Clubman Permit:

Autocross/Clubcross (inc. Minicross)



Cross Country

Road & Navigational Rallying (inc. 12 Car & Scatter)

In order to apply online, you need to satisfy the below criteria:

  • You are minimum 18 years of age

  • You are medically fit to compete in motorsport

  • You are a British citizen

If you don’t meet the above criteria – then

there is some additional information required. For those under 18 can apply offline through the application form or with the Membership Services team at Motorsport UK. For more information on what age you can compete at, please click here


RS Clubman licences are required for Co-Drives/Navigators/Passengers.


Applicants who apply for RS Clubman licences on the day of events who answer yes to either medical questions, they will not be allowed to drive on the day, but they will be allowed to be a passenger on the day of an event.


The RS Clubman Licence can be applied for online from 18 November 2019 and aims to encourage more grass roots participation in Motorsport, as well as ensuring that all Motorsport UK event competitors are covered by comprehensive insurance. Additionally, licence holders will have access to Motorsport UK’s Member Benefits Programme, which includes the new upgraded personal accident cover.




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