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Recent Member's Results

Bold name indicates a RDMC member

OAKS RALLY - 9/10th September

10th O/A 1st Semi            Chris Way               Dylan Griffiths

Non Finisher                    Simon Cottrell           Neil Galeandro

PALFERMAN RALLY - 16/17th September

12th O/A 10th Expert        Andrew Hankey        Ashley Owen

20th O/A 16th Expert        Heath Griffiths       Dylan Griffiths

27th O/A 19th Expert        John Galeandro      Gareth Price

Non Finisher                     Chris Way              Barry Allman

Non Finisher                     Richard Jones        Justyn Davies 

Non Finisher                     Elfyn E Evans         Nicholas Williams

CLUB NIGHT NAV 21st September

1st  Overall - Richard Jones        Justin Davies (1st Expert)

2nd Overall - Chris Lloyd             Dick Jones (1st Novice)

3rd  Overall - Heath Griffiths      Michelle Griffiths (2nd Expert)

4th  Overall - Sven Grube            Chris Way (2nd Novice)

5th  Overall - Dave Jones            Tegid Evans (3rd Expert)

CLITHERONIAN RALLY - 23rd/24th September

3rd O/A 1st Expert            Chris Way              Dylan Grithiths

36th O/A 9th Novice          Elfyn E Evans        Sion Jones 

39th O/A 10th Mentor        Simon Cotterall        Neil Galeandro


5th O/A                            Howard Morris

RALI MERION - 30th September / 1st October

25th O/A 17th Exp             Chris Way               Barry Allman 

28th O/A 25 Exp                Will Banks               Billy Renshaw 

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