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Recent Member's Results

Bold name indicates a RDMC member

John Robson Road Rally 

11th O/A, 7th Expert        Chris Way              Dylan Griffiths

Moonbeam Road Rally

12th O/A, 9th Expert        Heath Griffiths      Dylan Griffiths

Valentine Road Rally

4th O/A, 3rd Novice          Lewis Rock            Billy Renshaw

Rali Bro Caron Road Rally

24th O/A, 13th in Class.    Niel Galleandro     Chris Farrell


Rali Llyn Road Rally

35th O/A, 12th Expert       Heath Griffiths        Dylan Griffiths 

37th O/A, 14th Expert       Dave Jones              Billy Renshaw

DNF                                Chris Way                Lewis Rock

DNF                                Rich Jones               Justyn Davies

Les Roberts Memorial Border 100 Road Rally

21st O/A, 17th Expert       Heath Griffiths        Dylan Griffiths 

28th O/A, 24th Expert       Chris Way                Barry Allman

52nd O/A, 10th Novice      Lewis Rock.             Billy Renshaw

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